Women’s Month allows us to reflect on the indomitable spirit, resilience, and accomplishments of women, and to acknowledge their pivotal role in shaping societies and driving positive change.
Stepping into the spotlight this Women’s Month are the wonderful women who power the heart of Tip-Top Milk. Let’s meet the women who bring passion, dedication, and unwavering strength to every step of our dairy journey.

Anika Niehaus

Meet our Director and daughter of our beloved, late founder Beyers De Bruin, Anika. She lives life by the motto, “Observe and learn, instead of reacting and responding. Not everything needs your reaction, conserve your energy for what matters.” She has been with us for 6 years and is a powerhouse director with a wealth of knowledge!

Linky Joubert

Linky, our Admin Manager, is proud to be a woman because, “women feel deeply, love deeply, we are strong, powerful and a gift to the world!” She is a mom to 3 amazing children, loves yoghurt and has been gracing us with her positive energy and enthusiastic personality for 9 years!

Marthie Du Plessis

Organisation, kindness, passion, and perfection are some of the most valuable traits portrayed by our Logistics and Insurance Clerk, Marthie. Due to its versatility, cheese is her favourite dairy product!

Karla De Bruin

Karla, sister to Anika, is also a daughter of our late founder, Beyers De Bruin. With an eye for detail and a dynamic interest in numbers, Karla brings a strong-willed, enthusiastic and positive charisma to our accounting team. The ability to fulfil the many roles of life that women are assigned daily, makes her beyond proud to be a woman.

Tanya Oosthuizen

If you give us a call, you are often greeted by Tanya’s sweet and supportive voice. Tanya has been working as our receptionist for the past 2 and a half years. “It is an honour to be part of such an amazing team, although each member is so different, together we are unstoppable. The day I accepted this job, I also gained an incredible work family,” says Tanya.

Muela Cilliers

We have never met someone more passionate about research, solving challenges and exploring the world of microbiology than Muela! She has been a Senior Lab Technician in our MooLab for 3 and a half years. Her favourite part about working in the MooLab is getting to explore the exciting complex world behind a glass of milk!

Riana Weyers

Our caring and dedicated Production Clerk is a proud mom to 3 beautiful children. Riana believes the most important things in life are to always love yourself and know your worth, as these are the foundations of a life well-lived.

Celeste Van Den Berg

“If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote is symbolic of the sheer passion and commitment our devoted Health and Safety Manager of 5 years, Celeste, has in ensuring the well-being of our team. She is a humble and diligent woman who does her utmost to make our workplace a safe and better place.

Michelle Hoffman

Our committed Creditors Clerk of 5 years, Michelle is proud to be a woman because she believes we can make decisions based on emotions, integrity and knowledge. This pride shows in all that she does for us here at Tip-Top Milk.

Natasha van der Westhuizen

Our passionate Milk Administrator, Natasha has a great love for people, and enjoys engaging with the various departments and people across our depots daily. Her favourite dairy product is a coffee flavoured Steri Stumpie.

Charlize Nel

“I am proud to be a woman because I do not let my worries, shortcomings, or other people's opinions define me. I am proud to be me. No matter the cost, I can stand up for what I believe in.” This pride and dedication is evident in the vital role Charlize, our newest Lab Technician, displays in her care, passion and friendliness.

Thank you for all that you do for Tip-Top Milk and for ensuring the (creamy!) smooth efficiency of our business, ladies!