Advanced technologies

It is essential, when dealing with consumable products, that safety is the top priority to ensure a superior raw milk supply for our dairy buyers and their consumers. We strive to constantly introduce the latest advances in technology to the industry through our milk testing processes to ensure both our suppliers’ and customers’ welfare is always our (tip) top priority. Our corporate milk testing site, the Moolab, incorporates the latest technology in the milk industry to ensure that all the raw milk is rigorously tested for quality and safety before delivery to our buyers.

Superior raw milk collection

While dairy producers need a consistent, timeous collection service, it is essential that there are buyers for this raw milk. We source, collect and transport top-quality milk from dairy farmers throughout the country and, with an extensive number of strong relationships with milk buyers, we go the extra mile to find a ‘home’ for the milk by connecting farmers to dairy buyers countrywide.

Vital flexibility

The industry is in a constant state of flux and threats to markets occur daily. As such we maintain flexible operating systems to ensure that the ebb and flow in consumer demand remains as stable as possible through constant and relevant communication with all stakeholders, methodical attention to maintenance of all transportation and technological systems within the company, and the timeous collection and delivery of milk to anywhere in South Africa.

We pride ourselves on the motto “be unrelenting about your goals and be flexible about your methods”.

State-of-the-art fleet

As the backbone of our business, we only partner with the best in the fleet manufacturing industry. We spare no cost to ensuring that our fleet is fitted with important extras, such as aerodynamic fuel saving truck accessories, cameras, communications systems, GPS and tracking devices.

Our technical team ensures all trucks are thoroughly checked and washed before leaving out depots. We take pride in ensuring all trucks and trailers are operated by only the most highly-skilled drivers and all our team members are committed to maintaining a safe and responsible run fleet.

Dedicated, experienced drivers

We take a no-nonsense approach to ensuring we employ only the most experienced drivers to operate our fleet. All drivers are stringently background checked before they are employed and every driver goes through mandatory driving training. We have important policies in place that ensures our drivers are operating at their best; including no driving between 11pm and 3am, ensuring drivers are well-rested and fed, annual health checks, as well as carefully planned routes for their safety. We take a very strong stance on bad driving and our fleet management team monitors all drivers for driving styles while on the road. It is essential that our raw milk logistics service prioritises the safety of our produce and drivers, while ensuring timeous delivery.

 Timeous and consistent delivery solutions

Finding a milk producer to supply quality raw milk consistently, timeously and of a high quality is essential to any dairy-centric business. We aim to provide that and more for the end-user.

With an extensive number of milk producers in our ever-increasing client stable, we are in a privileged position to be able to dependably supply raw milk to buyers.

All Tip-Top drivers are equipped with the latest equipment and advances in technology necessary to ensure for safe travel on the roads and timeous delivery.