Peppermint crisp tart


3 x 250ml containers cream
4 x 360 g cans Nestlé Caramel Treat
2 x 200 g packets Tennis Biscuits
3 x 150 g slabs Peppermint Crisp, roughly broken into chunks


  • Whip the cream until soft peaks form. (In a separate bowl, beat the caramel with a fork to loosen and to ensure a smooth texture.
  • Gently fold the caramel into the whipped cream, then add most of the chocolate pieces (set aside a cupful for decoration).

  • Line a 30 x 22 x 6.5 cm dish with a single layer of whole Tennis biscuits. Top with half the caramel mixture, then add another layer of Tennis biscuits. Pour the remainder of the caramel mixture over the second layer of Tennis biscuits.

  • Sprinkle the rest of the Peppermint Crisp chunks over the top. Cover with tin foil and chill for at least 7 hours before serving.